Tips For Managing Your Email

It is not uncommon for some professions to receive hundreds of emails per day. Following some simple steps will help you manage your email and time in a more productive fashion.

Step One – Outlook
Many people have multiple email accounts. You should use a program like Microsoft Outlook to manage your email. You can find instructions on how to receive all of your email accounts into your Outlook program. Another tip to having multiple email accounts in one Outlook program is to create rules so that each email is received in a specified folder.

Step Two – Folders & Saving Email
Consider this your filing cabinet. You will make a lot of progress in managing your email if you set up folders just as you would if you had paper files. Set up a file for each client or each project you are working on. Once you have your folders set up, you should get into the habit of deciding whether you are saving or deleting the email once you have read the email. It is also recommended that you only keep the most current email in a string of emails. You should also get into a habit of scheduling a reminder to clean out your folders. This would consist of going into each folder and deleting any email that is completed or no longer needed.

Step Three – Subject Lines
When sending email you should use your subject line. If you use your subject line you will be able to easily locate email months later if needed by using the search tool in Outlook. Another key to using your email to its best ability is to not change the subject line. Keep emails to the topic and if the topic changes start a new string of emails. Again, this will help in the future when you are trying to locate an email.

Step Four – Email Signature
If you are one of those people that is responding to hundreds of emails a day, you should consider setting up an email signature.

This will save you a few minutes when responding by helping you respond much faster. Your email signature should consist of your name, business name, telephone numbers, email address and website if you have one.

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