Temporary Job Agencies For Office Workers

Gone are the days when temping agencies were seen as being the small fry when it came to recruitment, with the larger, corporate agencies having the best vacancies and little temping agencies simply filling a gap in the market. Now temporary job agencies for office positions are the major part of a £ multi-million industry in the UK: they are big business!

Temping agencies now help fill the gaps that happen, often at very short notice, when staff are sick, have to go off for unexpected periods or are on maternity/paternity leave. That means that they have a really solid corner of the market and now that more and more companies are keen to ensure that they rationalise expenditure, they will take on temporary staff instead of recruiting permanent members of staff who then have all kinds of rights in terms of redundancy etc. So temporary office workers can fill the gap and be cost effective. If you are interested in temporary work, then this is good news from your point of view, since it means that there are more opportunities available than if you were looking for a permanent position.  

Office workers can also use temporary positions to augment their curriculum vitae, with the temping work offering the prime opportunity to try out different types of company and perhaps trying new areas of work, such as being a receptionist or working as PA/ Secretary. Temping also boosts your CV because it shows that you are willing to settle in quickly and can adapt to different working environments: key skills that not everyone has and it is very difficult to establish at interview if people have these skills or just say that they have them. With all these reasons for finding a temporary office job, it is hard to see any real reasons not to give temping a go and the best thing is: you may even enjoy it!

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