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Email Stress

How do you deal with having the flood of emails in your inbox everyday? Not to mention the same mails that is also invading your blackberry? Research tells us that the average office worker spends about 49 minutes every day managing their email whilst more senior staff can spend up to 4 hours a day … Continue reading

Email Marketing Specialist – (We will train you!)

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Getting the Most of Your E-mail Template

Your e-mail template, when sent to your recipients, does more than show off your products or services. It shows your readers what type of company you run, whether you’re a professional operation or a small, sloppy shop, and this can make the difference between big open rates and sales and a failure of an email … Continue reading

Reverse Email Address Search

There are times when you receive an email and you are not sure who the person is; it is natural to want to know who the person is, even if the email is not spam or unfriendly. Knowing a sender’s identity can tell you whether or not you want to reply to the email. Some … Continue reading