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Before Google hit the scene, Yahoo was one of the first Internet success stories. They not only offered one of the best search engines out there, but also free, web based email and a host of other services. One thing, however, that is still missing from the Yahoo arsenal is a comprehensive way to search out lost or forgotten email addresses. Common sense would dictate that a service such as this would be extremely popular, however, there are no major online databases that store email addresses. If you are searching for a long, lost email address, you can follow these tips and you may just get lucky.

We have come to expect that most people, whether they spend five minutes a day online or five hours, have an email address. Soon, we will expect the same from social networking sties. Pretty much everyone knows at least one person who has a MySpace or Facebook page, so if you need to search for a Yahoo email address using online resources, it makes sense to start with those sites. Depending on the site you search, you may have to create your own account, but chances are, you already have one there, anyway!

If those searches don’t turn up anything, you can head to your favorite search engine and attempt to find the Yahoo email address you are trying to find. It can be almost impossible to perform a decent search if you don’t know anything about the person you are searching for, so if you can’t attach a last name, part of the email address that you do remember, or some other piece of info to your search, you’ll likely want to explore other options.

If you want an easy way to search for a Yahoo email address, use a reverse email search service online. Until Yahoo gets on the ball, searching for lost email addresses is going to be a hit or miss proposition, and services that offer reverse email searches can level the playing field for you every single time.

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