Q&A: where can i find free talking ecards?

Question by Krista K: where can i find free talking ecards?
talking ecards are pictures of things or people, and down below you type in what you want them to say.

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Answer by raphaeloo
Urls below are top free talking e-cards webisite online:




and if you wan to Create Your Own Free Talking E cards


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  1. NoBSfromthisguy

    Go to Google, and put in “Free Talking Ecards” and you’ll get all the sites. But, I speak from experience, a lot of experience with these: most of the sites want you to sign-up, with a Free Trial Period, and when you sign-up, you have to give a credit card # and they verify it. If you call them or email them before the period is over (to cancel) they should cancel. Problem: I joined 2 of these sites and they were hard to reach in order to cancel. I had to put a “flag” on my credit card, to NOT honor their charge. I finally cleared it up, but will NEVER sign-up with any of those sites again. If you just want singing, music, or animated cards, there are a lot of sites through Google, that do not charge.