Non Disposable Colored Contacts Without Prescription

Getting your hands on non disposable colored contacts without a prescription can be both easy and difficult depending on where you look and what exactly you are looking for.

If you are planning to get anything that one can describe as quality, then you should start by making an appointment to see your local optometrist right now. The non-disposable colored contacts sold to the general public without a prescription are not held to the same medical grade as the ones that can be purchased directly from the optometrist.

If you still want to get your hands on a pair of these hot items then there are several places where you can go locally. The first place you can try is at your local shopping mall. There is a variety of stores in the mall, but it is the little corner and center court kiosks that will have what you are looking for since in most areas purchasing contacts that are not prescribed to you by an optometrist can be illegal.

It is these small vendors that will have the non disposable, no prescription contacts. If you live in an area that has a small mall or where the mall does not have these small kiosk type vendors, then your next best bet is at a novelty store. Novelty stores that have party supplies are the most likely to have colored contact lenses and they will usually be sold around the checkout counter since this items has a high theft rate. Some places may even have them lock in cabinets under the checkout counter as well. It never hurts to ask if you do not see what you are looking for.

If you cannot seem to find any non-disposable colored contacts locally then it is time to take your search to the World Wide Web. Here you can find a variety of websites where you can purchase colored contact lenses. Keep in mind most of these sights require a prescription and furthermore some require that you have your optometrist’s office send them the prescription for verification.

And your last option, which may be the best option, is to get free contact lenses. Yes, you can get free sample contact lenses from contact lens manufacturers. They want to send you their brand so that you can try them out and then later order from them. Pretty soon, your new lenses will arrive in the mail and you will get to try them out.

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