Make Christmas PowerPoint E-cards to Choose Low-carbon Lifestyle

Generally, one or two weeks before Christmas is the time we begin to choose and purchase Christmas card for our family and friends. Commercially designed paper cards with plastic packing are usually exquisite and beautiful, but a little expensive and resource-wasting.

With the increasingly prominence of the resource shortage and environment depravation, everyone has the responsibility to make a contribution to the Earth protection. Therefore, follow me to learn the production of PowerPoint E-cards to reduce the paper and plastic wasting.

First, you should prepare some resources and tools including: a PC with Windows 2000 OS or higher, PowerPoint program 2000 or higher, pictures to be inserted or used as background pictures, video, audio, greeting words, and a reliable PowerPoint to video converter.

If you are ready, please follow the method below step by step. (Let us take PowerPoint 2010 as an example.)

Step 1 Create a new PowerPoint presentation on your PC.

Step 2 Click Design to choose a theme, or download favorite Christmas PowerPoint templates yourself.

Step 3 Click HomeLayout to set the layout for the slides.

Step 4 Choose appropriate pictures to set them as background pictures.

Step 5 Enter your greeting like “Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” or other words you want to talk to the recipient into the slides, as well as a poem, prayer, Biblical verse, our an all-inclusive “Season’s greetings”. Choose your favorite font, or font color.

Step 6 Insert some cute pictures, for example candles, holly, baubles, Christmas trees, Christian symbols (such as the Star of Bethlehem or a white dove representing both the Holy Spirit and Peace), seasonal figures (e.g., Santa Claus, snowmen, and reindeer) and even Christmastime activities such as shopping, caroling, and partying, or other aspects of the season such as the snow and wildlife of the winter.

Step 7 To insert video files into a slide, you can click Insert – Video – Video from File. Make sure the video formats is *.avi, *.wmv, *.wma, *.mp3, *.mov or *.H.264.

Step 8 Add background sounds for the whole or part of PowerPoint presentation.

Step 9 Set transitions and animations separately as necessary.

Step 10 Review all your greetings, pictures, sounds, videos, transitions and animations and other settings on your PC to find and correct any mistakes or anything abnormal.

When the steps above all have been done, your Christmas E-card production is finished. Then, you can save your PPT document(s) to your family and friend via email if you can ensure that all your recipients have a Windows OS PC and Windows Office program. If not, you can also send your works to the persons whose PCs have not been equipped with Windows Office program through converting PowerPoint presentations to video, which can be sent by email, uploaded to video-sharing websites (such as YouTube), Facebook or blog, and even transferred to portable multimedia devices and etc.

Let us know how to convert PowerPoint presentations to video with PPT to Video Converter (

Step 1 Download the free trial edition of this software, and install it on your PC (Windows OS only).

Step 2 Go on your operation based on the Getting Started on the interface of this software.

Step 3 Click Start to convert You PowerPoint presentations to video.

Step 4 Navigate to the auto-generated folder, and get the first glimpse of your PowerPoint video.


1. Select the output video formats via clicking the Profile menu and you can type your admired format in the output video format search box on the bottom.

2. I recommend you to choose High separately from the drop-down menus of Video Quality and Audio Quality. Certainly, if you do, the size of your output video file may be a little larger.

3. The difference between the free trial edition and the registered edition is that the output video of the former has been stamped watermark which cannot be removed until you are a registered user.

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