Free Email Clients, Undoubtedly Safe and Secure

We all run after costly email clients thinking that these ones will be safe, and will keep away spam’s etc. But to my utter surprise I found that there are many who don’t have any idea about good, safe email clients. These email clients comes free but are regularly updated and have proven to be good and safe over the years. Moreover these free email clients also have seen updates and upgrades in the form of updated versions in the following years. Moreover, these email clients are not only restricted to home users but also corporate houses can use them too, provided they have a secured firewall. Well, of course the same rule applies in case of subscription ones as well.


In this article I will share a brief idea of different email clients which comes free and have proven to be trusted ones. For email support you can talk to an Internet help provider. These are as follows:

Thunderbird – This comes from the famous Mozilla Family famous for its Firefox browser. Firefox has earned a good reputation. Thunderbird comes with familiar options which are common in an email client. It can also be used with Microsoft Exchange server so that corporate can use it instead of spending a lot on paid subscription email clients. It supports RSS feed reader too.


Moreover Thunderbird manages POP as well as IMAP email accounts as well. Views can be changed for better navigation. The best part is it can be operated from a USB stick.

Fox Mail – Another free email client which is safe and trustworthy is Fox Mail. It has good spam filtering and email security options. This email client can support POP but doesn’t support IMAP. There is another minus point. Fox Mail lacks basic text formatting tools.

Eudora – This is yet another email program which became a favorite for many. But unfortunately, it is out of production. It also has good spam protection. It is said to be rock solid with a lot of features. But the best features like spam filtering and fast search are available in the paid versions.

Sea Monkey – This is another open source free email client from the Mozilla Family. It uses the same Mozilla source code. It has an Internet browser, email client, and newsgroup etc. There is also an IRC chat too.


There are many others email clients like Dream Mail, Pegasus Mail, etc. which you can think of using.

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