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Help me as I help you! Why not? It is free. The Chills we all get from time to time from music or truth which sends a rush of energy from your head down your spine is wonderful (not the chill you get when you get cold.) I have learned to harness this Chills energy upon request and direct it out. It has helped most people I have directed it to in easing their pain. Sometimes there is a quick noticeable change, and sometimes it is a subtle change which occurs shortly after the energy transfer to a person. While I like to have hands on or over a person’s body, it is not essential, and the Chills energy can be sent long distance. There is no distance to spirit and the divine. How does it work?

Here are a couple of examples…

Example 1

A woman was working and could not leave work to go to a dentist. She was in extreme pain and was beside herself. I asked if she would be open to trying the Chills energy and she said she would. I asked for the woman’s pain to be eased, felt the Chills energy shoot through my body, out my hands, and onto her cheek as I touched the cheek. She felt a quick shock, like when it is dry out and you touch someone or someone touches you. She sat there and within a few minutes her pain subsided. She was amazed and said, How did you do that ?

I explained that it was the same energy she felt when she occasionally felt chills. I was simply a vessel for this Chill energy to go through, and had years ago, learned how to direct it.

Example 2 – Long Distance

A man was suffering badly from the pain from cancer. Drugs worked to a certain extent, but he was still in quite a bit of pain. I called on the great spirit, the divine to help ease the man’s pain and to heal him, if that was in his best interest. I felt the Chills come down through my head, down the back of my neck, lighting up my whole body. I directed the energy in his direction 4-5 states away through the open palms of my hands. I thanked the divine and felt another surge go through me.

The man’s pain subsided that night or the next day. And while he passed away in the next few months he did so with a lot less pain and was in more peace. Please realize that I have asked the great spirit and the divine for permission to send the Chills energy out to people to help them. I believe that the divine has to help in some manner if called on.

So you can help me help you in several ways. First, the more I feel the Chills energy, the more open I am and I feel better. Secondly, if the Chills energy helps you and you let me know how, you help me with my writing (no names or contacts will be given out.) Hope I can help you or someone you know ( I need your permission.) A WIN-WIN situation! The free offer is good for 2 times.

Don Wadington, MBA
Have helped many people with the Chills energy
Please e-mail me at and Describe your situation and I will contact you back as soon as possible.

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