Entertainment Industry Party inside VIP ROOM at Midtown Lounge inside Houston, TX

Entertainment Industry Party inside VIP ROOM at Midtown Lounge inside Houston, TX
Event about 2012-10-05 17:00:00

We is hand selecting Artists from this event to engage inside the 0 Showcase September 1, 2012

2 more Events following June 1st Event before the 0 Showcase
July 6th
August 3rd

FREE Food plus Alcoholic Drinks inside VIP ROOM ONLY for the GUESTS!

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Meeting Place for Artists, Managers, Producers, Indie Labels, A&Rs at Major Labels,DJs, Comedians, Spoken Word Performers plus Venue Owners to share info.

Many persons appear to consider which the Entertainment Industry inside Houston is especially little. I never think it is actually little only which Houston is really big. We would want to create a mutual meeting region for providers plus fans of the Entertainment Industry inside Houston.

Let's Take the Music Serious plus go GLOBAL!!

All Attendees usually get 6 months of free promotion, a logo included inside the direct send advertising, the logo about the t-shirts, the banner or flyer about the BlogTalkRadio session page banners plus "Getting Started The Legal Way In The Music Industry" booklet by Yvonne Wilcox.

Bring Promo Cards
Bring Download Cards
Demo CDs when no music url
Press Kits

Please post a Music Pages aka Reverbnation, CD Baby, iTunes Links, Amazon Links, MySpace Music page or anywhere the music is for sale, download or play through music player.

Anything to share with folks inside the Entertainment Industry

per individual. NO WALK-INS all fees need to be paid by May 15st

This really is Event is Hosted by Yvonne Wilcox — She is the Author of "HOT CHOCOLATE, WHY ARE YOU SO COLD?" plus "PRESIDENT OF A VIRTUAL CORPORATION 2014" she is equally the Author of the booklet "GETTING STARTED THE LEGAL WAY IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY" which is provided away free at ALL the occasions.
at Midtown Lounge
2117 Chenevert Street
Houston, United States

FREE this week at the hot send store:

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