Build Your Website For Free and Save Money!

Lets look a little closer at your choices and why I believe that building your website for free is the best option.

Retaining the services of a professional website design company on the surface would seem like the perfect solution to your problems. After all they have the resources the experience and years of technical knowledge to give me exactly what I’m looking for!

And yes you would be right they can do all of the above and more, and probably in a tenth of the time you would take but at what cost? You could end up spending hundreds of dollars for a very basic website I know because I have done so in the past, and when you’re just starting out online that sort of outlay can really hurt I can tell you.

The reason why web companies are so expensive is simple, and can be summed up in one word overheads! They need to charge high to cover business costs, things like renting offices, paying web designers, advertising etc. Whilst still making a profit.

Your second option is to seek out the services of a freelance professional website builder. This decision will instantly save you money, a hell of a lot of money in fact. Yet it is not without its own pitfalls Yes you will save money, because most freelancers work from home and, therefore will not have huge overheads.
Finding a reliable freelancer could be a problem though the best way is to visit online market places like and where you can post your job and qualified professionals can bid for your contract. This is a really cool way to keep you safe as all payment is handled by the actual websites but you still have no control over the quality of work it can be pot luck unless you are smart enough to ask for references before agreeing a contract.

Your final alternative is to build your website for free whilst this may sound daunting it is actually very simple to build a website for free using software easily available online. You don’t need programming skills no need to learn html. With WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) software it has never been simpler for a novice to create a professional looking website. Simply point,click, drag and drop text and images into place and you’re done!

Many of these quick and easy free website builders come with video tutorials and offer simple to use interfaces similar to normal word processors like Microsoft Word if you can type you can build a website!

I hope this has been time well spent and it has convinced you to save money and build your website for free.

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